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tuftsthirstproject - Tufts Thirst Project Club E-List

Subject: Tufts Thirst Project Club E-List

Description: Are you interested in global health? Providing clean water to millions of people who have to drink dirty water everyday? Doing non-profit work?

Join Tufts students in the fight against the global water crisis! Thirst Project is the largest youth-based water organization in the world fighting the global water crisis in 13 countries. We're currently on our campaign to provide the entire country of eSwatini access to safe, clean drinking water for life!

In this club, our two goals are to 1. fundraise $12,000 to build a well in eSwatini, which can provide 500 people with access to clean water for life and 2. educate Tufts students and the local community about the global water crisis.

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