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synaptics09 - Synaptic Scholars class of 09 elist

Subject: Synaptic Scholars class of 09 elist

Description: The Synaptic Scholars program is designed to encourage and enable students
interested in creative, intellectual exploration to realize their potential in
intensive, interdisciplinary settings.

The Synaptic Scholars program was founded by Sherman Teichman, Director of the
Institute for Global Leadership at Tufts University. After being accepted into
the program by Sophomore year, scholars work with selected faculty and other
mentors to develop immersive and rigorous internships, research initiatives and
projects. International travel is sometimes a major component of these experiences.

Scholars meet weekly to examine a broad range of current events and global
issues, organize community events, offer feedback and support for individual and
group projects, and reflect on their evolving intellectual interests and
personal goals.

By moving beyond traditional departmental methodologies with a singular
disciplinary focus, the group creates a framework in which intellectual
juxtapositions, critical thinking and self-directed explorations are fully realized.

Scholars are paired with mentors from an array of backgrounds, forming an
intimate advising structure. These individuals serve as advisors and contacts to
scholars throughout their academic careers, as they pursue research and other

Scholars organize community events, connecting the knowledge and expertise of
Tufts’ accomplished faculty with undergraduate interests and academic pursuits.
Finally, scholars organize forums for peer-to-peer intellectual discourse,
reaching out to both first-years and other students.

Ultimately, the Synaptic Scholars program is a leadership program, meant to
provide a forum for students to take risks, pursue passions, and challenge
assumptions in an intimate, supportive and collaborative environment. It is
designed to cultivate a strong sense of accountability and responsibility, while
encouraging scholars to enrich the University's intellectual life and programming

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