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sociallyresponsiblesurgery - Socially Responsible Surgery

Subject: Socially Responsible Surgery

Description: Socially Responsible Surgery (SRS) was started at Boston Medical Center in 2014, and the Tufts chapter was established in 2023. It aims to lead the effort to establish social responsibility as a core value of surgical practice. This includes equal access to surgical care, eliminating healthcare disparities, increasing patient advocacy as well as educating and serving our local and global community. The four main avenues of engagement are:

Strengthen the ability of surgeons to engage in political and social platforms to improve care of surgical patients. Encourage the allocation of resources towards addressing surgical inequalities.

Introduce future generations of surgeons to concepts of disparities in surgical care and provide surgeons with the tools to advocate for their patients and communities.

Engage in research methods to better understand disparities in surgical care and access and design appropriate interventions to address these inequalities.

Expand our service to patients beyond providing surgical care and create a positive change within their sociocultural context and within their communities.

We are excited to have you on board.

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