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Subject: The Strategic Gaming Society

Name a game. We probably play it.

The Strategic Gaming Society is a haven for gamers of all sorts � whether you�re looking for an old favorite like �Risk� or something strange and new like �Ursuppe�, where you play evolving protozoa! We meet every Saturday at the Mayer Campus Center to play all manner of board games, card games and pencil-and-paper games, depending on who�s interested in what when.

We have a vast library of board games, featuring many popular titles such as �Settlers of Catan�, �Axis and Allies�, �RoboRally�, �Munchkin�, �Diplomacy� and several versions of �Risk�. Interspersed with the known games are more obscure but equally entertaining games like �Kung-Fu Samurai on Giant Robot Island�, �Citadels� or �Democrazy�.

The SGS is also your place to find players of collectable games like �Magic: The Gathering� and �Warhammer 40K�. We generally run at least one "Magic:TG" draft tournament per semester, and have a "Warhammer 40K" day, complete with loaner armies for those interested in trying the game, at least once a year. These happen more often the more people express interest.

For pencil-and-paper role-players, we also organize games for a variety of systems based on interest. In addition to various settings of d20, we've branched into some alternative roleplaying systems � in particular, �Big Eyes, Small Mouth� (a tri-stat game based on anime series), �Blue Planet� (a hard-sci-fi system) and "Warhammer Fantasy" (a dark fantasy setting based on the popular minatures game). Other systems we�ve played in the past include White Wolf�s �World of Darkness� games (e.g. Vampire, Mage, Werewolf, etc.) and �Trinity� series (Adventure, Aberrant and Aeon), and �Star Wars� d20 in addition to a steady diet of �Dungeons & Dragons� games in a variety of settings.

In short, welcome to the Strategic Gaming Society! If thus far you haven�t spotted something that sparked your interest, please don�t hesitate to suggest something � we�re always willing to try something new!

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