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periostudyclub - Perio Study Club

Subject: Perio Study Club

The primary goal of the Perio Study Club is to expand the knowledge and
exposure of its members to the field of Periodontology. The Perio Study
Club will utilize all available resources; including PG students, faculty,
guest speakers, and its own student members to achieve this goal.
Membership in the Perio Study Club will give students a better
understanding of the types of procedures performed in the field of
Periodontology, cases being treated at Tufts, and what to expect as a
practicing periodontist.

A second, but equally important goal of the Perio Study Club is to
establish a support network that will unite students interested in the field
with current faculty and PG students within the Periodontology program.
This engagement will be mutually beneficial as UG students can schedule
times to assist procedures that they normally would not see and the PG
students could have assistants that they normally would not have. The
Perio Study Club welcomes all interested students regardless of their
post-graduate plans.

Through this years monthly meetings we plan to include other topics such
as the importance of periodontology in the general practice and how to
decide to become a specialist. By inviting local dentists and specialists we
hope to inform students of the procedures and preparations of
specializing in periodontology and what it means to be work in the
environment of a single specialist or group practice environment. With this
we hope to create a forum of mentorship with local dentists and allow
students to become exposed to their many options after dental school.

Faculty Executive Advisors and Mentors:

Timothy J. Hempton DDS, Assistant Director Postdoctoral Periodontology

Anthony Quinta DMD, Chief Periodontology Resident

Perio Study Club Officers:

President: Diego Camacho, D13 (

Vice-President: Kimberly Kocak, D14 (

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