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orthoclub - Orthodontics Study Club

Subject: Orthodontics Study Club

Description: The Orthodontic Club serves to expand its members’ knowledge in the field of orthodontics using all available resources including foundational and contemporary journal articles, faculty, guest speakers, residents, as well as its own student members. Often it is difficult to gain insight into dental specialties and postdoctoral programs; the club aims to dispel any misconceptions and educate its members about orthodontics along with explaining how to pursue a career in the specialty.

The review of current research and procedures are essential in forming well-rounded
health professionals, and only furthers the quality of care available to our patient pool. Both faculty and residents are involved in interactive seminars with club members to stimulate critical thinking and enhance the educational experience at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. The Orthodontic Club aims to cultivate a network uniting students interested in the field with current faculty and residents, creating a forum for suggestions, questions, and advice pertaining to the application/interview process to be shared openly.

Membership consists of participating in monthly hour meetings, working hands-on in the
Orthodontic clinic and lab with residents, and may be as demanding as presenting a relevant topic of a student’s choosing to peers. The Orthodontic Club welcomes all interested students regardless of their post-graduate plans.

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