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freefoodattufts - Network for sharing free food at Tufts

Subject: Network for sharing free food at Tufts

Description: Hello,

Welcome to the Free Food at Tufts elist! Please use this elist to share information about free food on campus in order to help people access free, fresh food and reduce food waste across campus. Feel free to email this elist with information about food left over from catered events, leftover produce in the Office of Sustainability from the Farm Share, or other sources of free food around campus with the location, type, and amount of food. Anyone is welcome to email notifications about free food around campus, but please be respectful with this elist and use it only for its intended purpose.

When notifying the community about food that is leftover from catered events, please be aware that food is not safe to eat if it has not been at proper temperatures for more than four hours. Proper temperature is below 40F or above 140F for most foods during those four hours. Please advise those who respond to the notice for free food that they eat this food at their own risk.

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