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decolonizingirclub - Decolonizing International Relations Club

Subject: Decolonizing International Relations Club

Description: Due to the pressing need for decolonial issues to be brought to the forefront of IR, we have decided to form the Decolonizing International Relations club to further decolonization efforts year-round at Fletcher.

For the purposes of this club and its mission, we define decolonization as a continuous effort to challenge, question, and subvert the colonial frameworks and ideologies present in the practice and study of international relations. Decolonization takes place at individual, community, and institutional levels. We seek to operate at each of these levels within the Fletcher community and beyond.

Our mission can be broken down into two main goals:
1) Provide year-round decolonization programming to the Fletcher community through speaker series, student-led conversations, and events;
2) Serve as an internal and external resource for those seeking to incorporate decolonial practice into their work, study, and activism.

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