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cso - Caribbean Student Organization

Subject: Caribbean Student Organization

Description: The Caribbean Student Organization of Tufts University is a cultural and social organization that endeavors to bring alive the vibrant and diverse culture of the Caribbean to not only its members but to all members of the Tufts community. Throughout the year, various planned events such as our annual semi-formal, culture show and parties explore the range of Caribbean music, dance, art and cuisine. Through these events, members get an opportunity to proudly display their culture while the Tufts community gets an opportunity to experience Caribbean culture by interacting with those who live it. From these events and experiences, we hope everyone walks away with a greater understanding and appreciation of the Caribbean. Being well-known for not only the warmth of its climate but also the warmth of its people, the Caribbean atmosphere is a friendly and welcoming one. The atmosphere of our meetings and events is no different - Come and feel welcome!

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