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Anime Brigade

AAA Community Service Elist

Asian American Alliance Elist

Tufts American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry

Tufts American Academy of Developmental Medicine and Dentistry Executive Board


American Association of Feline Practitioners

AAFP 17-18

AAFP 18-19

Tufts Chapter of the American Association of Public Health Dentistry

Avian Club

AAWD 2018-19

Tufts Ace Space

ACVIM 2013-14 Member List

ACVIM 2013-14 Member List

Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law & Diplomacy

Asian Dental Organization (ADO)

Argentine Tango email list

ALAS Elist for 2009-2010

Association of Latin American Students

The Tufts ALAS e-list is for the board to communicate events, meetings and other information to the members of the community.

The Tufts ALAS e-list is for the board to communicate events, meetings and other information to the members of the community.


Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services

Alpha Psi Fraternity

Mass Medical Society/American Medical Association TUSM chapter

Amnesty International E-mail List

Amnesty International E-List


Tufts Animal Welfare Club

Event announcements

Tufts Anthropology Collective

Alpha Omicron Pi

APAMSA 2013-2014

APAMSA 2013-2014

American Society of Civil Engineers


The more engaged ASDA members at Tufts.

ASEAN Society at Fletcher

ASEAN Society

asia club

Asian American Community Graduation Stoles 2015

Tufts ASME

Student Chapter of the Association of Women in Mathematics

Tufts Ballroom General Discussion

BEaChES graduate student organization email correspondence

Tufts B.E.A.T.S. Mailing List


Behavior 2012

Behavior Club 2011-2012

Behavior Club 2013-2014

Tufts Best Buddies


Biology Arts & Sciences Postdocs elist

Black Men's Group

Biomedical Engineering Society

Tufts Brasil Club 2012-2013


CAFE Interfaith Discussion Group

Tufts Chorale California Tour 2011

Capen Bible Study

Tufts athletic captains

Caribbean Club 2012-2013

caribbean club

Caribbean Club 2011 2012

Choir for Catholic Mass

Consent Culture Network

Catholic Community at Tufts

Chemistry Graduate Student Organization List

Challah for Hunger

Cheese Club

Chorale Officers 2010-2011

Tufts University Chorale Singers List


Condensed Matter Journal Club

ASDA Eboard Communications Committee

ASDA Eboard Community Service Committee

Tufts Community Outreach Project

List of Tufts Commuters

COMP 00 Workshop

Confi Elist request

Climate Policy & Planning Coalition

Crafts Center elist

Fletcher Creative Space

Chinese Students Association

CSA List Fall 2015

Caribbean Student Organization

Fletcher Culinary Diplomacy Club

Cummings Thrive at Tufts University Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine

Tufts Christian Fellowship

Tufts Economics Society - Member Mailing List

Volunteer Program

Edun LIVE on Campus

Tufts University Graduate Student Mathematics Seminar

COMPASS Group 2013

empower IGL

Tufts Entertainment Board

Mailing List for Members of the Eliot-Pearson Mentorship Program

Fletcher European Affairs Society

European Students Association

Tufts Engineers Without Borders Alumni Mailing List

Tufts Engineers Without Borders Latin America

Tufts Exposure

Exposure student group


Tufts Engineering Mentors

Fairfield D'17s


Field Hockey Mailing List

Class of 2014 F.I.T. elist

Fixed Income Sector of Tufts Trading Fund

Fletcher International Law Society

The Fletcher Syria Working Group

The Fletcher United Nations Club

The Fletcher School's Asia Club

Fletcher Africana Club

Fletcher Africana Student Group

Fletcher Arctic Conference Team Listserv

Asia Club

Fletcher China Club

Fletcher Climbs! List Serv

Fletcher International Communications Club

Fletcher Culture List request

The Fletcher Cybersecurity Working Group

The Fletcher Eurasia Club

Fletcher Families

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs Leadership

Fletcher Forum Communications Team Elist

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs Leadership

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs Print Team

The Fletcher Forum of World Affairs Web Team

pick-up frisbee

Fletcher Futbol

Updates on the Gender & Equality Project

Fletcher GLBT

Fletcher Humanitarian Action Society

Fletcher International Business Club

Fletcher International Development Group

International Law Society @ Fletcher

Fletcher INCR Club List Serv

Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition team members

The Fletcher Ledger

Fletcher Mediation

Fletcher Muslim Community

Fletcher Initiative on Religion, Law & Diplomacy

Create new listserve

Fletcher Ski and Snowboard club

Listserv for Fletcher students interested in squash

Fletcher Strategic Simulation Society

WILD - Fletcher's Outdoors Club

Student Group

Fletcher Youth Initiative Events and Discussion

Fletcher Maritime Affairs Club

Family Medicine Interest Group

for announcements related to the Tufts Food System Planning Coalition. Join our "core-fspc" list to receive leadership team e-mails.

Tufts Freethought Society

Friends of Israel

Fletcher Social Investment Group

Fletcher Students in Security

ASDA Eboard Fundraising Committee

Furball 2014

Future Histories Literary Magazine

Tufts Futurism Society

Graduate Alliance for Multi-Cultural Empowerment (GAME) Listserv

Tufts Global China Connection

Generation Citizen Tufts Chapter

180 Degrees Consulting Updates

Give Kids a Smile

Fletcher Global Health Group

Graduate Society of Women Engineers email correspondence

Tufts Health Sciences Campus Green Initiative

Tufts Graduate Student Council Opt-In

GSC Dept Rep E-mail List, Regulated

GSC GSO Rep E-mail List, Regulated

Graduate Women in STEM

LCS Community Service

Tufts Freethought Society

Hispanic Dental Association

Hispanic Dental Association


TUSDM Health and Wellness Club

ASDA Health and Wellness Committee

Heifer watch

Heifer Watch 2011

Heifer Watch 2012

Tufts Hellenic Society

Tufts Undergrad IR Journal

Careers in Human Factors

Tufts Hillel - Dental

New Group Listserve

Hong Kong Student Association

Hong Kong Student's Association

For people interested in playing pickup ice hockey

TCSVM Holistic Club mailing list

TCSVM Holistic Club mailing list

Student Group Annoucement

Tufts Hindu Students Council

New HDA E-list


Humanist Community at Tufts

New Elist for interested students that are not part of the club

I-Club Members


Creation of ifc_scholarship elist

Inter-Greek Council 2018

Distribution list for the IGL Weekly Bulletin

IGL Student Group Leaders

Tufts chapter of the International Humanitarian Foundation

Tufts Friends of Israel

International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution Club

Sackler GSC Newsletter

Student oversight committee for Tufts Greek life

Educators in International Affairs Club

Elist for easy communication of events to the members of ISAT

Cultural Group

TCSVM- Veterinarians for Global Solutions


Interested in Salsa dancing?

Latin American Committee

LATT for 2010-2011

LATT Training for 2010-2011

LATT 2011-2012

Large Animal Tech Team

Large Animal Technician Team 2010

Tufts Engineering Mentors Exclusive Launch Party!

Peer Health Exchange

Leonard Carmichael Society General Mailing List

LCS Shelters

LCS Blood Drive

LCS Community Partners Elist

LCS D-Staff/ E-Board EList

LCS Girl Scouts Volunteers

LCS Hunger Project

LCS Shelters

Lecture Series email list

ASDA Eboard Legislative Committee

Class of 2020 LGBT List Subscribers

I Love Lichen Club

Liberty in North Korea

Liberty in North Korea

Love146 Tufts Chapter

Love146 Tufts Chapter

Tufts Madison Park Mentor Exchange Program

Major: Undecided

Major: Undecided

Major: Undecided News

Men's Basketball E-List

The Mediterranean Club

Medical School Soccer Club

Mediteranean studies

MedStart at Tufts University School of Medicine

Multi Ethnic Graduate Alliance

Melisma Magazine

Melisma Magazine

Men's Fencing Club

Tufts Mentoring Circles

Tufts Mentoring Circles

Tufts Mentoring Circles

Tufts Mentoring Circles

Tufts Engineering Mentors

TUSM Medical Genetics Interest Group

Midnight at Tufts

Tufts Buddhist Mindfulness Sangha

Tufts Dental Medical MSA E-list

Women of the MSA

Fletcher's Murrow Center Student Group


Orthodox Christian Fellowship

Tufts Observer Off-Campus section

Tufts Observer Off Campus

Online Section, Tufts Observer

This is an e-mail list for those interested in the events concerning Onyx Magazine on campus.

fletcher org leaders

Orthodontics Study Club

Orthopedic Surgery and Sports Medicine Interest Group


Sackler GSC Newsletter

TCSVM Pain Management Club

Pan-African Alliance Mailing list

Global Awareness Group

Pangea's Modern Day Slavery Committee

Peace and Justice Society

Fletcher Performing Arts Club *

Persian Students Association

Petey Greene at Tufts

Peer Health Exchange

Peer Health Exchange

PIH Engage Announcements

Pre-Law Society

POC Circle

Portuguese Language Table Tuesdays 12:30 Mugar Cafe

Post-Soviet Nations Club

Post Debate Dialogue Mailing List

Poverty and Power Research Inititiative

Pre-Dental Society

ASDA Eboard Predental Committee

Tufts Pre-Vet Society

The Primary Source

Project Linus - LCS

Project Share Outreach Committee 2019

Public Health At Tufts Club

Student-Athlete Advisory Committee


Sackler Graduate Student Council Career Paths Committee

Sackler GSC Newsletter

Sackler Graduate Student Council Representatives

Sackler Graduate Student Council Social Committee

Students Acting For Gender Equality

South Asian Literary and Arts Magazine

My Sarabande Dance -Spring 07

Sarabande Members & Fans


scavma email list 2010-2011

scavma email list 2010-2011

Senior Class Council Mass E-mail List

Tufts Scientista Chapter

Tufts Sex Health Reps

Tufts Science Fiction and Fantasy Society

The Strategic Gaming Society

Announcements for Sharewood clinical volunteers

Shelter Medicine 12/13

Shelter Medicine Club

Shelter Medicine Club

Shelter Medicine Club 2011-2012

LCS Shelters

Tennis - Shoegazer

Singapore, Indonesia, and Malaysia Students Association


Ski Team GIM

Student Livestock Organization

Slow Food Tufts

Supporting Student Leaders and Community Building

Tufts Smile Squad

Spirit of Color

ASDA Eboard Social Committee

Collaborative arts for social change

SOC Open Dance

Softball team

Soles News and Announcements


Student Organizing



Tufts StandUp Comedy Collective

Student Eco-Ambassadors

Tufts Student Fund

Students for Educational Equality

Students for Justice in Palestine Campus Organization Elist

Support and resources for students who are parents

Student Veterinary Emergency and Critical Care Society


Surgery Club and Simulation Center

Synaptic Scholars class of 09 elist

Summer Table Tennis scheduling

Argentine Tango

Tap Ensemble

Tufts Association of South Asians

Tufts Association of South Asians

Tufts Association of South Asians

TASA E-list for 2014 to 2015

Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts

Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts

Taiwanese Association of Students at Tufts

Engineering Honor Society

Tufts Blockchain Club E-list

Tufts Biomedical Data Science Club

Tau Beta Pi

Tufts Computer Architecture Club

Tufts Christian Fellowship's Official Announcement List

Tufts Children's Media and Technology

Vet School Mountain Club

Elist for TCU Newsletter

TCU Treasury e-mail list

TCU Senate Elist

Tufts Effective Altruism

Team Q

Tech and Media Chat Group

TEMS Board



eboard email

Tufts Engineering Mentors

The Tufts Financial Group's mailing list for graduate students

Gordon Institute Class of 2016 Night

TGI Group 4

Tufts Hawaiʻi Club 2010-2011

The Compass Magazine

Tufts Institute of the Environment Community

Creation of TIE Fellows e-list

Creation of TIE Fellows e-list

tae kwon do mailing list

Tom Thumb's Student Garden

Tufts Personalized Performance E-mailing List

Tufts Podcast Network

LATT Training e-list 2010

Tufts Robotic Sail Team

Tufts Robotic Sail Team

Tufts Robotic Sail Team

Tufts Robotic Sail Team

Tufts Robotic Sail Team

Tufts Soo Bahk Do

Tufts Student Hispanic Dental Association E-List

TSR Fitness

Tufts Student Resources Job Opportunities

Tufts Student Resources Office and Support Staff Announcements

TSR Support Staff

Tufts University Unitarian Universalists

Girls Club Lacrosse

Tufts Mixed Martial Arts

Sino-US Relations Group Engagement elist

Tufts Engineering Mentors Events Announcements

New E-list for Tufts PCP Club

Tufts Feminist Alliance


Tufts MAKE E-List

Tufts Mixed Martial Arts Club

philosophy, club business, activities and events, etc.

Tufts Chapter: American Institute of Chemical Engineers

Alliance Linking Leaders in Education and the Services

Tufts Amnesty international


Tufts Ballroom General Discussion

Tufts Bikes

Tufts Biomechanics Club

Tufts Boxing


eboard email

Tufts Calligraphy Club E-list

Welcome to Tufts Cheer!

Tufts Chess Club

Tufts China Care

Tufts Collaborative on Africa

TuftScope Journal


Student Owned & Run Company, College Truckers

Tufts Culinary Society


Tufts Daily Photography Department

Tufts Dance Marathon

Tufts Democrats Weekly Updates and Events

Tufts Democrats Internal Elist

Tufts Education Society

Tufts Encendido Performance Team

Tufts Energy Forum

Tufts Engineering Mentors

Tufts Engineering Mentors

Tufts Engineering Mentors Events Announcements

Tufts Figure Skating Club

Tufts Gaming Hub E-list

Tufts German Club


Green Dot

Admissions Office Greeters

Tufts Gymnastics Club

Announcements for Tufts Habitat

Hellenic Society e-list

Tufts History Society Meetings

Tufts History Society Meetings

Tufts in Chinatown

Tuft Judo Club

tuftslife development e-list

Tufts Lockpicking Club Email List

Doctors Without Borders Tufts University Chapter

Medical Students for Choice

Tufts NeuroNetwork

Tufts Chapter of the National Society of Black Engineers

One Health

One Health

Tufts Post Doc Association Medford Communication Distribution List

Tufts Photography Club

Tufts Premedical Society Elist -complete

Tufts Psychology Society

Tufts Quiz Bowl E-List

Tufts Queer Straight Alliance

Relay for Life at Tufts

Tufts Robotics Club

Tufts Reporters Without Borders

Tufts SEDS Elist

Students Helping Honduras at Tufts

Tufts Social Justice Arts Initiative

Drug Policy

Tufts Student Resources

Strong Women Strong Girls

Tufts Symphony Orchestra

Tufts Table Tennis Club News

Tabletop Gaming Club

Tufts Timmy Global Health


Tufts Veterinary Nutrition Club



Women in Computer Science

Campus Group

Tufts University Prison Initiative at Tisch College (TUPIT)

Tufts Breakdance Club

Update TUSC members regarding meetings and events.

TUSC Film Series

Tufts University School of Medicine Ultimate Frisbee Club

TUSM Fleece Jackets

TUSM Fleece Jackets


The V20 Class Council

Veterinary Business and Management Association

VBMA 2017-2018


Business, Venture Capital

Equine CE/Interest Group

Veterinarians for Global Solutions

One Health membership

Women's Volleyball E-List

Tufts VOX - Voices for Choice

Vietnamese Student's Club