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Cummings Thrive is a student-led club that runs a year long series of workshops intended to introduce participants (most focus on 1st years) to important concepts that will help them thrive in challenging veterinary curriculum and develop their own voices. Each workshop will consist of short didactic discussion and large/small group activities with strong emphasis on reflection and discussion. Participants will be divided into small group of 5-8 people with at least one student/faculty facilitators to guide the group through activities and reflections. This program does not expect to make participants experts in these concepts, but rather intends to opens doors for them to seek more training on their own to become leaders in this community and their future communities. Through Cummings Thrive, the participants will also have an open community they can rely on for encouragement and support during their time at Cummings. Example of concepts that each workshop will be build based on include, but are not limited to: Emotional Intelligence, Self Awareness, Physical and Mental Health, Resilience and Determination, Team building / Team communication, Conflict Management, Personal Leadership, Advocacy in Leadership, and Social Awareness.