Comfood is an email discussion list on all aspects of community food systems and beyond.

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COMFOOD is an electronic mail list created to link individuals and organizations involved with or interested in community food security. The server has many broad purposes:

1. COMFOOD-L is available to all subscribers to exchange ideas and information on community food related topics. Information about CFS-related activities of other organizations, agencies, etc. may also be posted by the Coalition or by other groups.

2. COMFOOD provides a forum for USDA-funded Community Food Projects. We encourage groups involved with these initiatives to use this server to share information on activities, to discuss issues, to make technical assistance inquiries, and to share reports or other documents of interest to subscribers.

3. COMFOOD is an on-line information provider for the Community Food Security Coalition (CFSC). The CFSC will routinely post notices about meetings, training opportunities, policy initiatives, and other business of the organization, as well as information from its newsletter and website.